About Us

Empire’s understanding of its clients’ needs has been developed on decades of experience and knowledge gained through Europe’s foremost institutions in IT Security, Audit, Banking and Business Healthcare. The founders consulted many experts from prominent high security companies to ensure our facilities are built to exceed existing European and World standards. What we have achieved moves the global benchmark higher than anything seen before.

The Market

With almost all the UK high street banks having withdrawn their safe custody services, those seeking to securely store valuables have turned to independent safe deposit facilities like Empire. In light of increasingly worrying insurance and burglary statistics, there is now a greater need than ever before for securely storing your valuables away from your home.

An increasing gold price and decreased police resources, has driven a spike in the number of burglaries relating to the theft of jewellery across the UK. Asian homes now account for a quarter of all burglaries where jewellery was taken. In this era, breaking and entering is no longer for the average opportunistic burglar, those committing the crimes are organised sophisticated criminal minds.

And it is not only jewellery that is at risk – cash and other valuables, including stamp and watch collections, are also being targeted. To protect against intruders, consider storing your valuables in one convenient secure location away from your home.

The Empire Response

The founders have created safe deposit facilities that truly push the global standards of the safe deposit industry. With the very latest modular high compression steel vaults constructed and installed by specialist manufacturers, state-of-the-art biometric access with complete audit trail from electronic alarmed lockers*, Empire stands unrivalled as a leader amongst any high security facility anywhere in the world. No high street bank nor any safe deposit centre can match our credentials and the extraordinary security levels we have achieved.

The Empire Difference

What sets Empire apart from all other safe deposit facilities is simple – more attention to more details.

The Goodmayes branch boasts an installation of the highest graded modular vault in Europe, with its certification by a specialist Swedish installer hanging proudly at the entrance of the six sided high compression steel structure. The vault, where the safe deposit boxes are situated, is certified as meeting a strict standard verifying resistance to explosives and any form of drilling.

Our vaults house thousands of electronic safe deposit lockers. These are sophisticated lockers that can only be opened by the owner of the locker passing through a controlled path along which he or she must first verify a palm vein scan, then enter a PIN code only known to them, and finally once inside the vault use a high security key only held by them.

Entering the facility itself is a controlled process with video controlled access required for members entering on foot and automated vehicle recognition for members using their cars to drive straight into the safe deposit facilities.

Entering the facility is abundantly strict and storing of members items is extremely secure. Add to these our operational expertise and exceptional service levels – secure parking, market leading tailored insurance services, independent on site valuation services, 5 separate private viewing rooms so our members are never waiting. This attention to the detail of the details is what thousands of members already with Empire Safe Deposit Centres have come to understand as the meaning of The Empire Difference.

We encourage you to visit other facilities as well as Empire in order to compare. We have no doubts about the decision you will make. Visit us and let our expert staff guide you through why Empire is the best choice.   What sets Empire apart from all other safe deposit facilities is simple – more attention to more details.